Thursday, April 7

Just to sharing

Pumpkins decorated with wood , 
leaves and...

handmade buttons..


Houses, buttons and old laces...
( cotton fabric and fimo)


Christmas time

Small houses made ​​from recycled cans and covered with felt, buttons, ribbons and lace . Look at the roofs of the houses , they are made from recycled cardboard



 Miss Gingerine
(felt, ribbon, buttons and colours)

Upcycled Jars, Trees and Pegs
decorated with plaster tags (handmade)


I did myself the dotty hearts with plaster clay

 and...some Cake Box

Mr Popy and Mrs Potty

 The Gift tree

 Cardboard hearts covered with fabric and laces.
Wood hearts painted and decorated with laces, old buttons and felt.


New houses from canes
(felt, wood decorations, laces and straw)

A new necklace 
(upcycled T-shirt fabric, old laces and buttons )

The romantic bag

Small wooden panels decorated 

with fabric , buttons and ribbons .

Some fabric roses
( wood from river, fimo buttons and earthenware )

Coloured Summer

White lanterns
(upcycled jars, laces, colours, wire..and candles inside)

Blue Seaside


Crochet flowers, crocheted wire and French knitted string


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