Sunday, March 27

Where do you live now?

Many people make me this question,
and to be honest I never know what to say ..
My husband Joe and me, a few months ago we moved to London,
 indeed, a few months "try" to move to London. 
Italy doesn’t want let us to go away, actually something always happens that brings us back to the sleepy old Montecchio.
There is always some technicality to be solved .. 
Sometimes leaving your country is not easy,
especially if you decided to stay there on a permanent basis, many years before.
 Invest time and resources over the years become contraints that aren’t easy to erase. 
 Instead, fate, and my vocation for the nomadic life, decided to send me back the other way ..
 Now I'm in London,
I do not know exactly until when,
but I know that it will be not for a short time. 

The reasons are related to the bad Italian economy and with this sentence I stop here, otherwise I have to baste a tirade against the Italian political system.
 Luckily, I forced me to drop the unnecessary controversy and look forward. I have time to go back..
Too much easy, somebody would say. The big deal is the unknown. 

In fact, Joe and me,  after a long and careful reflection, we decided. We made a virtue of necessity and our nomadic nature is enjoying of that. I confess that doing my baggages again after 20 years from my student life, it doesn’t scare me. On the contrary, I feel excited and younger in my mind and heart. My grandfather, if he was alive, would be in trouble for me..”What devil are you doing?” It would say me. “ A woman? At your age”? Etc.

Instead, the women push the universe, are the engines of the world. I feel this role all over, I guarantee!
The strength, optimism, enthusiasm into the unknown,
I always had them, but I do not think I have ever had the determination that I have at this moment in my life.
I feel it is the right thing to do,  now. 

So, taking advantage of the moment,
me and Joe we jumped into a new project. 

You'll find out by following us step by step,
here or on our FB profile .. 
Meanwhile, look at some photos of the places that have taken our hearts ..



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lory said...

bravaaaaa!!!!!! ci vuole coraggio per cambiare, ma ti ammiro tantissimo!!!!! belle foto...facci sapere!!! intanto ti abbraccio fortissimo Lory

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